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What Our Agents Say

I have worked for American Benefit for over 18 years. I love working with, educating, and helping the senior market with a wide variety of products and advice that I have learned over the years. Educating my clients on ways they can better themselves in terms of insurance or finances and then making it happen for them is what I love about my career.

- Ann W.

This is my 12th year at American Benefit. Working with seniors in regards to their final expenses and health insurance is very gratifying. Getting close to our policy holders and hearing what they have to say is a real eye opener, considering they grew up in a much different time. Even more fulfilling, is when everything you set up for them and their families goes above and beyond what they wanted.

- Kris S.

I have positively been impacting seniors' lives while working at American Benefit, LLC., for 10 years. I am blessed to work at a profession where I make a difference.

- Kelly G.
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