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Where are you located?
La Crosse, WI

What companies do you represent?
We represent several companies. Your agent will help you figure out which is best for you.

Is this the Billings, MT office?
No, we are the service center for Mountain Agency, Inc. We can get a message to your agent for you.

What are your office hours?
7:30-4:30 M-Th CST
7:30-1:30 F CST

Why think about funerals now?
When death comes, surviving loved ones must not only cope with grief, but also are faced with some major decisions, often agonizing, over what the deceased would have wanted. Almost all decisions can be made in advance, giving your survivors the peace of mind they need during their time of grief

Why worry about a funeral? I'm perfectly healthy now!
Many deaths are not anticipated. A stroke, a heart attack, or a traffic accident could take a persons life at any time. It is when we are healthy that we do our most objective thinking. Pre-planning for burial, advance health directives, or living wills can help family, doctors and hospital staff in making medical decisions if a person is incapacitated.

What does planning ahead do for me?
When your wishes are shared, your funeral service is taken care of how you would like it to be. By pre-planning, you relieve your family and friends of any financial burdens or last minute emotional decisions.

How do you pre-plan?
It's easy. . . Collect all personal information. Include who to contact in an emergency, funeral service instructions, and the location of important papers, such as insurance policies, your will, and advanced medical decisions. Keep a copy for yourself, and give a copy to your loved ones.

Make arrangements - Call your Final Expense Funding professional for an explanation of the various options available such as life insurance and free irrevocable trusts. This is an easy way to plan, step-by-step, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate a loving concern for your family's needs at a stressful time that may be decades away.

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