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1. Why Advanced Planning?

Deficit Reduction Act for 2005
Divestments and Gifts

Extending the Three Year Transfer Rule on Assets to a Five Year Rule.

The old rule was from the date of transfer, the new rule is from the date of Medicaid Application.

Advance Planning Can Protect Assets!

The planning that you do for your clients today, could determine if their children and grandchildren inherit anything from them.

Based on February 8, 2006 - Federal Deficit Reduction Act pertaining to gifts and divestments - transfer rules

2. Why Funeral Expense Trust Planning?

  • Dollars put into the Irrevocable Funeral Expense Trust may be Exempt.
    (Client receives fair market value.)
  • Protected from Creditors, Lawyers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and
  • Great Medicaid Planning Tool.
  • The Financial Planner/Insurance Agent can now assist their clients with this
    pre-planning trust.

*Medicaid Rules may vary from state to state. You should consult an elder law attorney in your state. Medicaid eligibility is not guaranteed.

3. What is a Funeral Trust?

Single Premium Life Policy Or Continuous Pay  

Expense Trust
  • Single premium life
  • Issue ages 0-99
  • Guarantee issue
  • No underwriting
  • Paid commissions
  • May be medicaid exempt once assigned to trust
  • Death benefit $1,000-$15,000
  The Trust which is managed by the insurance company will pay benefits directly to funeral home that actually provides the service within 48 hours of receiving claim. Excess funds to estate of the insured.*

*May vary by state.

  • Provided by insurance company
  • May be medicaid exempt
  • Not subjected to five year look back
  • Strictly to pay for funeral expenses

4. Best Leads

Existing Clients - You Already Have Relationship

Do an Annual Review with each of your clients. The best target age is from 60-90.
  • Help your clients update their accounts at bank with P.O.D.
  • Review their estate planning and financial documents
  • CD holders that have CD's coming due
  • Passbook Savings customers
  • Sell the Funeral Expense concept to them

5. 4 Tips to Help Find the Money

1) The easiest sale you'll ever make - First way to fund a Funeral Expense
    Trust- 1035 Exchange Sale. The 1035 Exchange from old life insurance
    policies that have a FACE VALUE of over $1,500.

2) Second way to fund the Funeral Expense Trust is the 10% penalty Free
    Withdrawal from an annuity.

3) Third way to fund Funeral Expense Trust - transfer CD monies, money
    market monies, or savings to the Funeral Expense Trust.

4) Fourth way to fund a Funeral Expense Trust is with stocks and bonds.

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